Wednesday, April 29, 2015

We are expecting Baby #2!!!

Baby #2 due November 7, 2015

 Background Info:

We have been trying since July 2014, we had been "trying" meaning I had been using ovulation kits and paying attention for fertile signs for several months. We decided this month (February) to just relax not think about it and just leave it up to God. Well turns out that was just what we needed because it just so happens that this month WAS our month.

Since I really wasn't paying any attention to anything this month I really didn't think there was anyway that I was pregnant. But the last few days I had been really really tired. The kinda tired I was when I was pregnant with Tanner. I jokingly said to Kris "I know I am not pregnant but I am just so tired… like pregnant tired." He and I just both laughed and chalked it up to working so much this last week.

Today 2/24 I decided I would just take a test midday because I just knew it would be negative but it turns out there was a faint second line!!!!
I couldn't believe it….. complete shock!

The next day I took digital test too!

We are so thrilled for Tanner to become a big brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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