Saturday, March 5, 2016

Linley - 4 months old

Our sweet baby girl Linley "Linny Lou" is such a happy baby. She loves playing with her toys and watching her big brother play. She has the most easygoing personality and we are so blessed she is in our family.

Weight- 14 lbs 8.5 oz (75%)
Length- 26 in  (95%)
Clothes- size 3-6 months, 6 months
Diaper- size 2
Sleep- anywhere from 4-7 hour stretches at night several shorter naps during the day. Every time I lay her in her crib she rolls over and puts herself to sleep on her tummy its the cutest thing
Eating- nurses every 3 hrs during the day and usually just 1-2 times at night. Still has only ever had breast milk!
Milestones- Rolling over front to back and back to front. Found feet and loves bringing her toes to her mouth. I think we may be starting to teeth bc she was to chomp on our hands all the time

We always do selfies when waiting for the doctor