Saturday, October 24, 2015

Baby Linley - week 38

I can't believe I am 6 days away from meeting my sweet baby girl.  Our repeat scheduled c section is set for Oct. 30th at 12:30 pm.
I have felt so many emotions this week. Im nervous for my c section, excited to meet my baby, a little sad that Tanner won't be the only kiddo in the house anymore. 
I know giving him a sibling is such a blessing and gift I just hope our transition from a family of 3 to a family of 4 goes fairly smoothly. 

Weight gain- 36 lbs! I did a little better this time, I think i gained between 40-45 with Tanner 
Movement - all the time and most of it is fairly uncomfortable
Contractions - Yes : often and uncomfortable but not consistent or regular enough to cause any dilation! (in my opinion if you are having a repeat c/s you shouldn't have to deal with contractions at all)
Swelling - my ankles and feet get pretty swollen after working but they always go back down after sleeping. 

I am so excited to:
- breastfeed again!!! it was such a great experience with Tanner and I hope Linley and I will be just as-  successful if not even better
- sleep on my stomach, or back, or really any position I want without being in pain
- eat a COLD turkey sandwich
- drink a ICE COLD beer
- be off for all the major holidays, being a nurse working holidays is just part of the gig. But this year it worked out that my maternity leave will be over thanksgiving, christmas, new years, and my birthday!!! YES!

Baby Girls nursery is ready! Its very pink and girlie and I just love it. 

Her bag is packed and ready to go! Of course we have about 8 outfit options, 5 or 6 bows, and adorable swaddle blankets all ready for her.

Above her changing table are 2 paintings that Tanner did for his little sister.