Thursday, July 16, 2015

Baby Linley Anne - Week 22

Bump pic at work

How far along: 22 weeks
Total weight gain: At my 20 week appt I was up a total of 18 lbs!!! yikes But I did gain 45 with Tanner so hopefully I won't gain quite so much with this one
Sleep: I am still sleeping pretty good. I find that some days I try to do too much and really get worn out the next day
Miss Anything: Not really maybe just bending over easily
Movement: Yes little girl moves all the time! I have felt her move consistently every day since about 18 weeks and every week the kicks get stronger and stronger
Food cravings: Nothing specific surprisingly
Aches/Pains: I have pretty bad pelvic bone pain and hip pain already. I had it with Tanner and they told me it would be worse the 2nd time around and they were not lying! Also I get sciatic nerve pain if I sit for too long and then stand up fast.
Gender: its a girl!!!! Her name will be Linley Anne Holdman

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Baby # 2 - Week 18

Baby # 2 is a …………………GIRL!!!!!!

We actually found out the gender last week but wanted to surprise our families at Tanner's 2nd birthday party.

We put some girlie balloons in a "present" for Tanner and everyone was so surprised when he opened it!

Tanner turns 2!!!

I am a little late in posting but our sweet boy turned 2 on June 4th! We had his birthday party at the splash pad/park by our house that weekend. We had a blast!

Clothes- 24 months/ 2T
Weight- 25 lbs 8 oz  - 23%
Height- 34 1/2 inches - 55%
Head circumference- 49 cm 60%
Diapers - Size 5, he has shown some interest in potty training but we are not tackling that just yet
Shoes- Size 7, when we can keep them on him. This kiddo loves to be barefoot
Food- He still loves his pizza and berries. He is really into granola bars and "hotdogs" which is basically anything that tastes like sausage. He loves chicken and broccoli as long as he has his dip- IE Ranch dressing and of course "Ronies" short for macaroni and cheese. He loves popsicles too!
Sleeping-  bedtime usually around 9 and up and ready to go around 8. We try to get him to nap everyday but sometimes he fights it and we miss a day.
Activity- Lately he has been all about swimming and of course playing outside. We got him the puddle jumper float and he loves the freedom he has in the pool with it.

Words: Tanner uses full sentences now. There is almost nothing that he says that I can't understand. Its really amazing how well he communicates. I hope I can always remember how sweet his little voice sounds.  He can count to 13 all by himself and knows some of his colors. Blue and Orange must be his favorite because he always get those ones right.
He also knows he is getting a sister and kisses and hugs my belly. It is just the sweetest thing. He is going to be the best big brother ever!