Monday, February 25, 2013

Baby Bump Shots - Second Trimester

16 weeks- 4 months

Finally starting to look pregnant and not like I ate too many donuts. Dr. Hagood was happy with my weight gain so far which of course I was super happy about :) up 8 lbs so far.

Week 16 Cravings - cereal, chocolate milk (1% only please!), pickles, and ANYTHING salty

This picture was taking at 20 weeks 2 days on my way to work. Can't you tell I'm thrilled (or just a tad tired).

1/23 The very next day I went to the movies and felt Tanner really kick for the first time. (The kind of kick when you just know it was the baby and not gas) It felt like popcorn popping! I could not stop smiling during the movie.

Getting bigger everyday!

23 weeks 5 days - I felt Tanner have hiccups today for the first time. Daddy even felt too!

I had another checkup at 24 weeks 3 days and both Tanner and I have had quite the growth spurt! My belly is measuring 2-4 weeks ahead of schedule and I gained 9 lbs this month!
I was so worried about the weight gain but the MD said as long as I don't do that every month we are just fine.

I can't wait until our next appointment because we get to have another sono! Cant wait to see my little man again.
Last week was a very busy week for the Holdmans! We moved to a larger/nicer apartment and more importantly Kris and I welcomed our first niece into the world. 
In fact, it just so happened that both of these events happened on Monday Feb 18th. 

Sweet little Kylah Jolynn Gradney was born 2/18 at 10:21pm weighing 7 lbs 10 ounces and 21 inches long.
It was a very special moment for both Kris and I not only because we now officially have new titles "Aunt and Uncle" but it made us look even more forward to our little one coming in June.  Few things in life are more cool than a new member of the family being born. 

Here are a few pictures of proud Auntie and Uncle.