Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Today we had our last OB appointment before Tanner arrives! We made a plan to induce on Tuesday 6/4 if he doesn't come before then. Having a set date is very exciting but makes us very anxious at the same time.
Kris and I opted to get induced at 39 weeks because he is on the larger side (7 lbs 1 ounce last week), I am so uncomfortable, and we can barely stand to wait any longer to meet him.
If Tanner gains weight like they predict, which is about 1/2 lb a week we are looking at a 8 lb munchkin next Tuesday.
I hope all goes well with the induction- but vaginal delivery or c-section I don't care as long as we end up with a healthy baby boy in the end.

Kris and I are bringing some baby pictures of ourselves to compare to Tanner when he arrives, but so far it looks like he may take after me!

Baby Kris

Baby Sarah

Baby Showers!

Kris, Tanner, and I are so blessed to have the most wonderful family and friends. We were lucky enough to have 2 great showers.
Here are some pictures of the festivities.
Brittany and I at my parents house

Decorations at Gloria's

All the wonder ladies I work with in the NNICU

Pollie and I - due 3 weeks apart. 

Kailee, Kristi, and Robbi

Nicole and I 

Jill and her adorable daughter Amelie

Julie, sweet Tessa, and I 

Pollie and I 

Robbi made the cutest diaper cake complete with onesie for Thing 2- Tanner!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

3D Sono Pictures- 29 weeks

One of my christmas gifts was 3D/4D sono pictures. The experience was really cool because we got to see our little man moving around and get a good idea of what he looks like. Here are a few of the pictures. I just love his chubby cheeks and perfect little lips.

Third Trimester Bump Pictures

25 weeks 2 days!

my view at 36 weeks!