Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas 2014

The week before Christmas we decided to cut Tanner's hair again…. but this time a big boy haircut. I was super nervous before, but I just loved it after.  I can't believe how much it changed his little face. He looks so much like a little boy now and not a baby.
Before: Long and kinda curly

After: Super short and of course the baby Mohak

 I had to work Christmas day this year so Santa came a day early. This is Tanner's second Christmas (last year he was only 6 months old) so Kris and I had so much fun watching him open his gifts and play with everything. I love his sweet little voice say "ho ho ho" when you ask him what Santa says :)

Still a little sleepy here, but loving the vaccum

Checking out the new play foods

Loving his new big boy bat
Look at this baseball stance! He can already rip the ball!

Christmas day going to visit family while Mommy is at work

Showing off his new Cowboy jersey he got from GrandDad

I just love his sweet little smile