Monday, November 30, 2015

Linley Anne- 1 Month Old

Our girl is 1 month old today! I can't believe how fast the past 30 days have gone by. So much has changed and at the same time it feels like she has always been apart of our family. She has brought so much joy to everyone and we just love her so much.

The pictures are some that my wonderful friend and coworker Leslie Pate took for us. I just love how they turned out.

To say Linley is an easy baby would be an understatement ….. she is so easy going and sweet. Her personality is so chill that my Mom and I joke that she would be easy to forget somewhere because she is so quiet. OF COURSE we would not/could not forget our sweet girl. 

Tanner has adjusted so well to being a big brother. It melts my heart to hear him say "hey buddy buddy" when talking to her, or "where's sister?" or "that's my girl" when referring to her. He showers her with kisses and hugs and so far has not acted out negativity toward her at all. He has had a few episodes of what I like to call "acting 2 years old" to Kris and myself but overall I would give him an A+ for his big brother transition.

Weight- at her 2 week check up this girl had gained a whole lb since going home from the hospital bringing her to 7 lbs 14 oz…. She is much heavier now. I won't have an official weight until we go for 2 month check up but I would guess 8.5-9 lb range
Length- Birth length was 20 inches and at 2 weeks she grew to 21.25in !!
Clothes- Linley outgrew most of her newborn stuff by week 2. She fits well in 0-3 month and 3 month outfits are roomy but they fit!
Diapers- Size 1
Eating- Breastfeeding is going so well. I don't know if she is such a good eater or if I am more relaxed or better at it this time but either way we have got it down! She eats every 2/3 hours during the day and I get a 5/6 hr stretch at night followed by another 3/4 hr stretch.
Its amazing to be getting this much sleep at this point. I don't think Tanner slept this well until he was well over 6 months old. WAY TO GO LINLEY!!
We attempted a bottle at 3 weeks and it didn't go very well. We will try again soon. I am not too worried about it since I don't go back to work for 2 more months.
Sleep- She is sleeping in our room in the rock n' play or bassinet depending on if she is feeling a little spit-upy at the time. I am thinking about moving her to her crib soon because she is a loud sleeper and she is sleeping for long enough stretches that I am only getting up once maybe twice a night.