Tuesday, February 3, 2015

One of the Good Guys

This week was a really hard week……The world lost one of the good guys.

Kris's Grandfather or "Pop" as we all called him passed away. Pop had been ill for a while now but we still thought we had more time with him. He declined very quickly on Sunday and then passed early Tuesday morning.

I met Pop about 10 years ago when I started dating Kris. From the first day that I met him he treated me like his granddaughter. He had always wanted a granddaughter so I was his girl from day one!

Pop had a sense of humor like no one I have ever met. He always made me smile and I loved spending time with him. Once Tanner came along it was pretty magical to see the connection between them. Pop loved Tanner more than anything and Tanner felt the same way in return.

I will miss him so much but I will make sure that his memory lives on and that when Tanner gets older he will  know what an amazing, funny, and kind Great-Grandfather he had!


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