Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tanner at 14 months

Tanner is 14 months old!

Sleep: Bedtime is usually between 8-8:30 and he sleeps until about 8:30 am, he normally takes one 1-2 hr nap during the day as well. We have a bath most nights after dinner (its usually necessary to hose him down)
Food: This boy can eat! Loves bananas, pancakes, blueberries, cheese, yogurt…… well really anything we give him. We are working on using a little plate and a spoon. He drinks mostly water and has whole milk in the am with breakfast and a little after dinner before bed.
Diapers: still size 3
Clothes: 18 months (some 12 months still fit well)
Shoes: We just moved into size 5
Words: Mama, Dada, bye, hi, duck, night-night, bella (my parents dog). He understands so much its amazing. After his diaper changes I hand him the dirty one and ask him to throw it in the trash for me and he does! Of course he claps for himself every time after.
Favorites: being outside, playing with the hose, swimming, and reading books with mama

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