Friday, August 1, 2014


We have been busy working and playing hard this summer. On my days off I try to take Tanner to do at least one fun thing each week. We have tried out several splash pads, went to visit grandparents at the lake, visited the playground, and Daddy even took Tanner to see the Rangers while I was at work.

He thinks he can really swim!

Go Rangers!!!

Tanner even got to try candy for the first time!!!!  A dumdum sucker was a great choice :)

"Whats this Mom?"

"hmmmm its kinda yummy"

"Oh yea I like this dum-dum" 
Fun swim time with cousin Kylah at home

Just swinging at Jammer and Pops house

Enjoying the lake view (yes that is a dog toy he is chewing on…..I know I know I'm awful)

My boys and I enjoying a patio lunch, Tanner being is silly self.

Kylah and Tanner riding in a little fire engine at the outlet mall.

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  1. Sarah- he is just so cute! We have to get them together soon!