Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Tanner is 3!

I can't believe our sweet little boy is 3. This past  year has flown by and he has grown up so much right before our eyes.

We asked Tanner a little questionnaire and I wanted to share his responses.

What's your name? "TANNER!"
How old are you? "umm THREE!"
When is your birthday? "June forph"
How old is Mommy? "no response/puzzled look on his face"
What's your favorite color? "Orange"
What's your favorite food?  "uh Roni's"
Who is your best friend?  "Kylah"
What is your favorite show? "Buzz"
What's your favorite animal? " Giraffe"
What's your favorite song?  "Take me out the ballgame" (singing it of course)
What are you scared of? "Dinosaurs"
What makes you happy? " uh I don't know?"

I hope I can always remember this stage. He is just the sweetest and loves me, Daddy, and "baby girl" so much. In fact he tells us on the regular "I love you soooooooooooooo much" its just the most precious thing in the world to hear.
Tanner is so smart and his memory is amazing. He often reminds me of things that we talked about long after they have left my brain. I have a feeling this will come in handy in the future :)

Tanner loves to play all day and his most favorite is to be outside. He loves playing baseball, football, soccer or really any game with a ball.

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