Saturday, December 1, 2012

Last week Kris and I thought it would be fun to take the Intelligender test. The test is supposed to predict the gender of your baby.
If the color stays yellow/orange its a girl and if it turns dark green/smoky its a boy.

So based on this picture it looks like we might be having a BOY!
Of course the accuracy isn't 100% so we will have to wait and see at our appointment in January to know for sure.
I can't wait to find out because I am SO READY to buy some cute baby things.

We also went to our second OB appointment on 11/29. This appointment was really fast! Just a quick listen to the baby and of course the DREADED weigh in.
My doctor said everything looked great and the baby heart rate was 162! I just love hearing the heart beat, Kris and I both left the appointment smiling ear to ear.

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